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Casement =

case·mentˈkāsmənt/nounnounnoun: casement; plural noun: casements

  1. a window or part of a window set on a hinge so that it opens like a door."casement windows"
    • literarya window.
    • the sash of a sash window.

We are developing a new business model to provide people with access to capital to grow businesses.  All projects are locally owned and we will work together to create sustainable economic growth one business at at time.

Unlimited Opportunity

We are a social enterprise and our mission is to empower local entrepreneurs by providing the means to develop and maintain businesses to stimulate the local economy, create jobs and strengthen the household.   

The answer is in the people

Casement Unlimited is dedicated to listening to the people and giving them to access to funds, training and support.    They are the ones who know best on what will create sustainable change in their lives and communities.  


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